When first impressions count, you never want to worry about your skin. Treating and healing your specific skin concerns should be placed in the hands of professionals, and that’s where our estheticians come in. From acne-prone to maturing skin, we offer a wide range of services that help target problem areas, yet leave you feeling refreshed.

What makes our Facials Different?
When we talk about “customized” skin care, we mean it. With Bioelements exclusive Custom Blending system, our Estheticians are your own personal cosmetic chemist in the treatment room. Just a few drops of our highly concentrated formulas allow them to zero in on your specific skin concerns – from aging to irritation, and everything in between.


Express Facial | 30 minutes | $49
Life can be hectic sometimes… Our Express Facial is perfect for the person on the go! Enjoy a relaxing facial cleanse followed by an exfoliating treatment tailored to your skin’s needs. We end the treatment with the perfect moisturizer for you and incorporate facial massage throughout the service. All done in 30 minutes!

22 Changes Signature Facial | 60 minutes | $69
Our Signature Facial is what we are known for. We start the service with cleansing and exfoliating the skin to leave you clean and polished. We then set the mood with a hydrating mask and facial massage under facial steam. Once the skin is nice and hydrated, we apply a moisturizing mask and perform a hand and arm massage. The service is finished with a moisturizer specially picked for your skin!

Youth Preserve Facial | 90 minutes | $89
Worried about fine lines or dark spots? This is the facial for you! The service begins with cleansing and exfoliating to prepare your skin for targeted treatment. Once your skin is prepped, we continue with a hydrating mask and facial massage under facial steam to plump up the skin. We then go in with a power treatment and power mask that are chosen for your skin and concerns. While your skin is being treated, we perform a hand and arm massage to melt away your tension. We end the service with a facial serum and moisturizer that your skin needs!

Acne Facial | 90 minutes | $89
Don’t let your blemished skin impact your confidence! This facial is targeted for the specific acne your skin is battling. We start the service with a cleanse and exfoliation using products aimed for acne. We then massage the skin under facial steam to prep the skin for extractions (if needed). Next is purifying your skin with a specific power treatment and detox power mask. The service concludes with a pore clearing serum and moisturizer.

Our estheticians are happy to add on 15 minutes of acne removal to any service. If you would like extra time, please let us know at the time you book. $15

Still Don’t know what facial to book? Call or book online for a “Relaxation Facial” and your esthetician will help you figure out which one is right for you!

Add Ons

-Body Chemical Peel: A series of body peels will help with hyper-pigmentation, fine lines, and acne. Price starting at $20 (Price depends on the amount of product used)

-Extractions: Comedone removal. Performed by a professional reduces the risk of spreading the infection, scarring, and hyper-pigmentation. (Includes milia) $15

-LED Treatment: Used with a mixture of serums and hydrating mask, the LED and mesotherapy will plump the skin, boost collagen, or fight acne. It improves elasticity, calms redness, evens pigmentation and hydrates all custom tailored to your needs. $40


-Eye Treatment: A luxurious combination of massage, heat, and cold will help soothe and hydrate tired eyes. Calms puffiness and stimulates blood flow $10

-Extra 10 Minute Massage: Our service providers are trained to do hand & arm, shoulder, neck, and scalp massages. Our facials come with two of the 4. For ultimate relaxation ask for an extra massage or two! $10 per 10 minute add on.

-Hot or cold facial massage: Heat is great for muscle and tissue relaxation to keep the skin healthy and firm. Cold is perfect for inflammation, redness, and irritated skin. $15

-Gua Sha Facial Massage: A special massage technique using stones. It reduces the appearance of fine lines, improves circulation, drains the lymphatic system to decrease puffiness. $15

-Chemical Peel: A deeper exfoliation to stimulate collagen production, cell turnover, fight hyper-pigmentation and acne. Level 1 peel $15 level 2 peel $20 level 3 peel $25